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(Image: Crystal meth kingpin and Crunch Town chief, Damian West)

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I’m Damian West – writer, story-teller, public relations consultant, comic artist, community worker, die-hard multiculturalist and author of this abomination, the current focus of your attention.

I run a specialist PR company that seeks to provide voice to diversity in Queensland and Australia. I also extend these services to other grass-roots community groups, small-medium sized not-for-profit organisations, sporting clubs, and the like. I have an enduring interest in promoting balanced, inclusive and accurate media representation (particularly in relation to advertising, marketing, entertainment media, news media, campaigns and political communications). It follows that helping to enhance access for individuals or groups that may otherwise be denied this right is something I care about.

As my business grows, I hope to become a lead consultant, writer and public voice in relation to these matters – matters which I regard as central to the challenges affecting modern Australia in this foul year of our lord, 2017. Importantly, I believe a great deal of current change campaigning is built on faulty assumptions that reinforce (and at worst, worsen) existing divisions and negative attitudes. Are there better ways forward? Watch this space.

So please regard this blog as a window into my lighter and more eclectic side!

Outside of work, family, friends and the like, my passions include sailing, fishing, the great outdoors, illustration, and learning different languages and cultures (currently Japanese and Indonesian).

Some of my influences (old and new) include Robert Crumb, Things Bogans Like, Louis C.K., Stan Grant, Natalie Tran, The Betoota Advocate, Hunter S. Thompson, MAD Magazine (the golden years), Felipe Pantone, Charles Bukowski, Walt Whitman, Peril Magazine (specifically, its brilliant contributors), Edogawa Ranpo, Richard Neville, Zoe Coombs Marr, and The Big Lez Show.

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