A Crunch Town Story


(Image: Humanitarian, crystal meth trafficker and Crunch Town editor-in-chief, Damian West)

Queensland, Australia is a seedy place. Pulitzer Prize-winning Crunch Town Saga exists simply to illuminate the varied squalid snake faces of this sun-drenched medusa.

Since you’re here, kick your shoes off at the door and take a look around.

I’m Damian and this blog is where I come to vent and play. I’m just a regular guy once you control and account for the shit loads of irregular stuff. If you’re longing a place with a coherent, central theme, then quit wasting your goddamn time already. Life’s too short for that, my friend. Unless that is you regard incoherence itself as a coherent theme….in that case, pull up a stool and let’s talk for a minute.

Amongst other things, this blog is the home of Crunch Town Comix. With a little bit of luck, 2017 should be a big year for Crunch Town! I also hope to run other satirical pieces here on a regular basis.

Otherwise, expect an unpredictable hot mess of prose, poetry, short stories, topical pieces and the odd feature just to keep things interesting. I’m guessing these forms will be complemented by who-knows-what subject matter, with an underlying accent on the human condition as interpreted through my piercing, pale blue eyes.

Who’s to tell? A demagogue in the White House and no Leonard Cohen to point out the hope in cracks. One Nation on the rise and land reclamation in the South China Sea. Strap yourselves in…

Oh, and welcome!

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