Stoned Care

Here stand the ruins of a once brilliant business model, since undermined by Airtasker in our global race to the bottom. Lesson learned: Best act quick if you have an idea – the Zeitgeist effect and all that shit!

The Best Days of our Life

Remember when Facebook pulled that gimick? Woah, we best come more specific! Feb 2014: facebook-user movies auto-generated from previous highlights for the first time? Here at Crunch Town Comix, we wondered what Campbell Newman’s might look like. All the while, our delightful bikie brethren wondered when they could down a pint in threes once more. Here’s our best guess!

Brisbane Rail

Fresh from Crunch Town Comix! Brisbane Rail tells a story of the state’s original theft of Aboriginal sovereignty followed by capital’s ever creeping theft of state sovereignty, and the corresponding transformation of citizens to subjects. Jesus, with lines like that, you can tell I’m a born winner with the ladies, aye!!


A food fight has erupted on a global scale as growing collective action in the United States against agricultural giant Monsanto went viral, attracting worldwide attention through social media. Hundreds of demonstrators marched against Monsanto in Brisbane’s CBD on Saturday, coinciding with similar demonstrations in over 400 locations spanning 40 nations across the globe.